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Discover its beguiling Moorish past, its seductive Gypsy soul, and the modern vitality of its Catholic faith.Time and again, Spain’s diverse heritage and history guarantee a fascinating journey of discovery.Beautiful sandy beaches, serene blue seas, and lush green countryside provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing vacation.

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The legendary Moorish kingdom of Andalusia was a beacon of civilization during the Middle Ages, and the Habsburg dynasty that ruled Spain in the 15th and 16th centuries built an empire that extended across Europe to the Americas, Africa and Asia – ensuring that Spanish would become the world’s second most spoken native language.In striking contrast, the more modern sections of the city are distinguished by grand boulevards and the wildly expressive architecture of Antoni Gaudi.After soaking up the vibrant culture of Barcelona, the charming seaside villages and pristine sandy beaches of the Costa Brava offer an altogether more tranquil pace beside the sparkling Mediterranean.To truly experience Spain, you must adapt to its rhythm and way of life.Adjust to the later meal times and take advantage of the nightlife.

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